Choosing Right Dog Food-freelance visa

Right type of food is very vital for your dog to remain healthy and to fight against various diseases and health problems. Most of the dog foods available in the market have abundant preservatives which are not good for your pet. Rather it should provide various nutrients needed by your pet. You have to take into account various factors before deciding upon the right food for your pet and remember that all breeds are not same and do not have similar food needs.Here are a few tips for choosing right dog food:
Firstly take into account the breed of your dog. Small breeds require more proteins as compared to the larger ones. If your dog is overweight he must be given the food with lower calories and if thin the visa versa. The active breeds would also need high protein diet than the less active ones.
Age of your dog will also determine its food needs. The growing puppies would need diet full of proteins as compared to the full grown ones.
If your dog is allergic to any of the food components you should look the ingredients of the food product as well before selecting the food for him. This can be well explained by your dog’s vet.
There are numerous dog food brands available in market. But after determining all the factors of the type of food needed by your dog you’ll be able to select the one suiting him. See if the food has the nutrition adequacy statement on it.
The best ratios of various food components required by a healthy dog are 50% vegetables, 10% grains and other carbohydrates and 40% of meat. If you could find out the product having this type of ratio it will be best for your pet. But the vet can access the specific needs of your dog more accurately.
If your female dog is expecting this should also be taken into account as she must be needing special diet plan during her gestation period.
Artificial chemicals and colors are bad for your dog’s health. See for these and just leave the product no matter what all ingredients it has.
Look for the words animal feeding trials on the food pack. These are much trust worthy than any other food item.
Pick the foods that are digestible. The nutrients in the food must be easily breakable in the body and must be present in required proportions.
Some of us think that all that is good for humans is ideal to feed to your dogs even. But this is an absolute wrong notion. Things like onions, chocolates, white flour etc. are not good for your dog. So before selecting any impressive pack of food for your dog consider various important points regarding dog food and do consult the vet. – freelance visa